Thursday, 19 February 2015

The Shuttle DS87- A Triple Display Computer from Display Solutions

Display Solutions introduces the DS87 embedded PC, which accommodates 4K ultra HD content and allows operators to show different high quality content across three screens simultaneously. Successor to the DS61, this robust, powerful and slim embedded PC integrates new 4th generation Intel® processors, and is compatible with the latest Windows and Linux operating systems and supports display sizes varying from 6.4” up to 70” or even larger, if required.

“Equipped with two Display Port interfaces and an HDMI port, the DS87 allows for three independent displays to be driven simultaneously, meeting unique requirements of users within the digital signage sector,” says Brendan O’Reilly, product manager at Display Solutions. “The DS87’s slim metal chassis, and versatile connectivity offers reliable 24/7 operation in harsh environments. With an operating temperature of up to 50°C, this embedded PC ideal for use across a wide range of professional applications, including POS, POI, casino, education and healthcare.”

Offering reduced power consumption and greater connectivity to its predecessor, the DS87 features 8 USB ports, Dual Gigabit LAN, Audio and two serial ports. The unit is equipped with support for the Intel® Haswell fourth-generation Core™ i3/i5/i7 processor and supports DDR 1600 memory with a maximum capacity of 16GB.

For more information about Shuttle’s barebone PCs, please call Display Solutions directly on +44 (0) 1480 411600 or visit the website:  

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Introducing the DTSF-15MOFP - A Vandal-Resistant solution for your Digital Signage application.

Display Solutions introduces the DTSF-15MOFP, a vandal-resistant, open frame touch display. This innovative touchscreen product is the latest to be added to Display Solutions’ own DisplayTouch range. Featuring superior impact resistance, the DTSF-15MOFP is suitable for a wide range of applications, including kiosk, ATM, gaming and ticketing. When sealed in an appropriate customer enclosure, it is equally well-suited for use in outdoor environments.

The DTSF-15MOFP offers projected capacitive touchscreen features, with an optically bonded protective layer of glass secured over the PCAP touch sensor to enhance the performance of the display in outdoor environments. With a total 7.3mm glass stack-up thickness, this ensures high resistance and protection from impacts whilst meeting the UL-60950 requirement. In addition, the edge-to-edge flush design enables easy cleaning, for a bacteria/dust free screen.

“This new DisplayTouch product is an ideal touchscreen solution for harsh outdoor environments where heavy use is likely,” begins Brendan O’Reilly, product manager at Display Solutions. “The DTSF-15MOFP’s PCT features combined with a highly resistant protective glass guarantees users a reliable, accurate and high-speed touchscreen experience.”

Offering both multi-touch and gesture input, these screens are well-suited for a variety of high-performance touch applications. Available as a compact and integrated solution, the touch screen is fitted directly to the unit and no additional assembly is required. The display is HID compliant and therefore easily integrated with a thin client solution or computer.

The DTSF-15MOFP is currently available in 15”, with 17” and 19” versions to follow later in 2015, all of which are Windows 7 compatible. RoHS compliant, the screen also carries CE, UL, CUL, and FCC-B safety approvals.

For more information about the DTSF-15MOFP and other products in the DisplayTouch range, please call Display Solutions directly on +44 (0) 1480 411600 or visit the website: