Monday, 14 November 2016

Mini ITX Drives 4 Independent Stretched Displays

With Litemax’s reputation as the forerunner of sunlight readable, high brightness industrial displays, what better way to push the technological margins than by having WynMax (a division of Litemax Electronics) produce an Industrial Embedded Board, capable of running 4 Independent Displays!

Why is an 'Independent' Display such a big deal?

With installations becoming more space dependant, this board could become an all important feature for future projects.  Imagine a kiosk hosting multiple displays with one System driving it. Digital signage can be shown as a ‘Video Wall’ or each display screening original content, from one source. And with the AMIX-BEGO-A77E Operating Temperature range of 0°C ~ 60°C (32°F ~ 140°F) there’s plenty of room for Industrial Applications.

Using a graphics hungry AMD RX-425BB (2.5GHz, QC, 35W) Processor, we put this board to the test by looping HD footage over 4 Stretched Displays (each having it’s own independent desktop) - different Ratios, orientations and resolutions and it brought some exciting results.

For more infomation on the WynMax AMIX-BEGO-A77E download our fact sheet here:

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